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Welcome to Lightbeing Health

a website dedicated to the very best of health!

As practitioners with over 25 years' experience in health and well being, we know the importance of nutrition and eating a healthy varied diet.

Experts agree that we should eat more fruit and vegetables to be truly healthy – but how much?

The UK government advises 5-a-day... some nutritional advisors say it should be 7-a-day. The French & Canadian authorities advocate 10-a-day. Japanese government encourages its citizens to eat 13 vegetables and 4 fruits a day – it just so happens they are the country with the highest life expectancy.

Is it a coincidence?

Most of us have very busy lives and it is not always easy to have the perfect diet – supplementing with high quality, food based nutrients can ‘top up’ our diets to ensure we don’t miss out. We have sourced the very best of nature’s healthiest ‘superfoods’ and have carefully formulated unique, power packed, nutritional supplements to help keep you and your family in the very best of health.

We have special products to support:

  • digestive health
  • energy
  • sporting performance
  • weight management... to name a few.

Many of our supplements are suitable for those with special dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. We do not compromise on the quality, purity or production of our products and say no to poor quality synthetic ingredients, added sugar, colours and preservatives, etc.

We think health is important...

We also think that ‘Mother Nature’ knows best... at Lightbeing Health we are here to give a helping hand.

Lightbeing Health ... In Harmony with Nature.

Featured Products

Natural Superfood Shake (Chocolate flavour)
A dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate flavoured shake
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Super Omega 3:6:9
A balanced blend of omega oils
not rated £7.25 Add to basket
Natural Superfood Shake (Choc & Mint flavour)
A dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate and mint flavoured shake
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Superfood Joint Formula
A collagen, bone and cartilage support formula
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Special Offers

Acai & Berry Boost
Acai berry capsules with resveratrol, grape seed extract and pomegranate
not rated £16.99 £15.99 Add to basket
Pure Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill oil capsules - 500mg
not rated £17.10 £15.99 Add to basket

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